The U.S. Energy Boom in Four Charts

Oct 31, 2012

Photographer: Jonathan Alcorn/Bloomberg.

The first two come from Energy Information Agency data.

Here's recent oil production:

And here's recent natural gas production:

As you can see, the growth is from state and private lands. Mark Green at Energy Tomorrow tosses out this conclusion:

Imagine what could happen with U.S. oil and natural gas production with increased access to public resources, with increased drilling. With the right policies in place the production line for federal areas could mirror that of the non-federal.

Chart number three is from Mark Perry at the American Enterprise Institute showing that the U.S. is on its way to a record-year in fossil-fuel (coal, oil, natural gas) production:

Chart number four is also from Perry and shows the top four oil-producing states. It's going up in Texas and North Dakota where hydraulic fracturing is being used extensively to tap shale.

All these charts show that the energy sector is strong. Take these along with the IHS' report released last week showing that millions of jobs have been created from shale development with millions more expected in the years ahead, and we see that with the right policies (opening more federal land to development and not weighing down hydraulic fracturing with federal regulations for example) this boom will continue.

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