Top 5 Reasons Our Energy Policy Isn't the Best Ever

Apr 4, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden told a Norfolk, VA reporter, “I think our energy policy’s the best it’s ever been.”

Really? The best it has ever been in the 235-year history of the United States? Nothing, no other moment has ever been better than right now?

Uh, I don't think so.

Here are the top five reasons why this isn’t the Best. Energy. Policy. Ever!

  1. The highest gas price ever recorded in April.
  2. Pushing regulations like the Blackout Rule that force coal power plants to close, costing jobs and threatening the reliability of the electricity grid.
  3. Rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline along with their shovel-ready jobs and improved energy security.
  4. Seeing a reduction in oil and gas produced on federal and Indian lands.
  5. Pushing for higher energy taxes—something that will cost jobs, government revenue, reduce domestic oil and gas production, and increase imports.

As if we need further evidence that right now isn’t really the “best energy policy ever,” the U.S. Chamber's Energy Institute’s comprehensive Index of U.S. Energy Security Risk—which takes into account 37 separate metrics to assess our energy security—demonstrates that we are actually in worse shape now than we have been for most of the past forty years.  The Risk Index Score of 98.0 for 2010—the most recent year for which data is available—is the fourth-highest since 1970 and is projected to get even worse over the coming years.  The score was driven upward by higher energy prices and less reliability.  Still waiting for a solution to either problem…

For a better energy strategy, I recommend that the Vice President check out the Chamber’s energy plan.

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