Interior Department Responds to Permiting Process Flip-Flop

Apr 13, 2012

Here’s an update on my post from last week on the Interior Department backing a drilling permit process they previously opposed. In a story about the administration taking undeserved credit for domestic oil and gas production increases, the Washington Free Beacon asked the Interior Department about their change of heart:

[A]n Interior official said the comparison was “apples and oranges.” The old program had little to do with automating the permit process, the official told the Free Beacon.

“In short, we believe that companies, not the taxpayers, should be able to help foot the bill for processing [Applications for Permit to Drill],” an Interior official said. “It appears that some on the other side want to continue to give oil companies a break when it comes to who pays for processing their permits.”

This “attack energy companies” attitude is consistent with an administration that thinks raising energy taxes makes sense.

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