Even Selling Salsa Requires Energy Solutions

Apr 19, 2012

We over here at Free Enterprise love salsa. A lot.

In fact, we even have a salsa company in the running to be our DREAM BIG: Small Business of the Year Award winner. (Good luck to all seven finalists!)

So when our friends over at America’s Power posted a YouTube video called “Salsa Todd,” our ears perked up.

But when we heard the message that small business owner Todd Westby was conveying, we really paid attention.

As America’s Power describes it, Westby, who owns an online food business selling specialty foods in Omaha, Nebraska, “shares the struggles he faces as a small business owner when it comes to running his business, from keeping the lights on to getting his products to his customers.”

When electricity costs rise, Todd must choose between raising prices or cutting his costs, which can force painful decisions. But he knows that higher electricity bills also can force tougher choices on his customers, like the choice whether or not to buy a gallon of milk.

Todd knows that we have the energy. Investment in America's natural resources, including coal, can keep electricity prices affordable. Now is the time.


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