EPA Sets More Achievable Standards on Boiler, Cement Regulations

Dec 21, 2012

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized rules that set emission limits for air pollutants from industrial boilers and process heaters used by a wide range of manufacturers. In addition, the EPA issued final rules for emission standards for cement plants and related solid waste incinerators. 

We are pleased that the final rules released by EPA today will provide our members impacted by these rules with more achievable standards, as well as additional time to comply with the revised standards. We believe these revised rules, though challenging to implement, took industry concerns into account and will help make compliance more realistic and achievable.

For Boiler MACT, the final rule indicates progress on three areas of concern: achievability of emissions limits, compliance deadlines, and the ability to use customary fuels in boilers.  EPA gave companies more flexibility in meeting emissions limits with current technology, recognized the difficulty in meeting those standards in a short timeframe, and recognized the need to allow more fuel customary fuels to be used in boilers.  While the rule will still cost tens of billions of dollars to implement, the changes are welcome inclusions for the economy and jobs.

Likewise, in issuing the final Cement MACT rule, EPA recognized that the revised standards, monitoring requirements and additional time for compliance are essential to preventing further harm to our economy by protecting jobs at domestic cement facilities. 

As businesses continue to invest in environmentally responsible business practices and new technology, the Chamber will maintain its efforts to ensure that regulations are efficiently undertaken and based on sound science and the best data available.

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