Coal Now Conspicuously Present

May 11, 2012

Energy infographics from gets results!

Hours after I posted on how coal was conspicuously missing from President Obama’s campaign energy infographic, “Clean Coal” magically appeared.

Was this coincidence?

Maybe this change happened because the President’s campaign realized the job losses from the administration’s war on coal wouldn’t play well with some voters—say in West Virginia, or maybe it was a response to Congressional complaints.

Let’s look at how coal fits into America's energy portfolio. This Energy Information Administration (EIA) chart encapsulates what energy America produces and what it's used for.

Nearly half of our electricity comes from coal and 92% of all coal produced goes to power plants. Regulations like the “Blackout Rule” and greenhouse gas rules hit at the backbone of America’s electricity grid. Major changes will ripple across the economy. Mining jobs will be lost, utilities will have additional costs to retrofit power plants (if they don’t shut them down), and businesses will be more uncertain about electricity affordability.

While I’m glad the President’s campaign now recognizes coal’s important role in America’s energy mix, I’d hope that EPA would have the same sentiment and not try to regulate its use out of existence.

[Thanks go to Ed Driscoll filling in at Instapundit for a link, and Gateway Pundit for catching the graphic change at President Obama's campaign website.]

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