Education Reform Sparks Talk

Dec 1, 2012

 The best changes to our schools would be in the realm of school choice and curriculum. Give parents greater choice in where their children attend school. Change our curriculum to focus much less on social issues. Often we see the figure of ten thousand dollars spent per student on an annual basis. Yet we have dismal test scores. Education officials claim it is because we do not spend enough money on education. Nonsense! Deregulate schools; let the money follow the children. —Daniel Gaudet via

 Being an employer for the last 23 years, I have always said that our schools need to incorporate businesspeople as teachers. After all, we are a capitalistic society, and yet most of our citizens cannot balance their checkbooks! We lose all the brightness of our kids because our education system is so outdated. Kids need to be inspired and nurtured. How can you expect a union employee to accomplish this? Most entrepreneurs I know are breaking new ground every day in their fields, and yet we are asking our kids to use textbooks from 20 years ago. We do not teach kids the reality of the business world, we use old technology, and we expect them to graduate and know everything. Let’s not delude ourselves any longer. Let’s give our kids what they really need to succeed in today’s economy. —Debbie Engel via

 When you have union teachers like in Chicago who refuse to be held accountable for their students learning failures, what should we expect?—Joanne Lewey Levy via Facebook

 Our school system is disastrous, parents and students have no accountability, and we are moving away from trade schools. Not all kids are destined for a 4-year college degree.—Gail Paulson via Facebook

 34% of Wyoming 4th and 8th graders are proficient in reading. It’s time to #breakthemonopoly and put kids first. —@itspersonalinc via Twitter

 If you don't like your doctor, you can switch. If you don’t like your child's school, most of the time you’re stuck. #schoolchoice #edreform —@WhitneyNeal via Twitter

 The department of education has dumbed down the schools. —Karen Sluszka via Facebook

 Blame the lack of school funding, theft of public school funding sent to privileged private schools, teaching to the test, creationism, and helicopter parenting. Unions make better employees. —Sam Chatoyant via Facebook

 Education has no value until you reach a bachelor’s degree, and most middle- and lower-class kids can never hope to attend college. It’s not the teachers or their unions; teaching is already one of the lowest paid occupations for college graduates. They need stronger unions. —Mike Summitt via Facebook

 Soooo much funding, and yet education is at a critical point. Money is not always the solution. —Toni Raia Jones Sabol  via Facebook

  Perhaps one of the basic things we need to bring back into the public education system is respect and discipline. I do not mean corporal punishment. I mean discipline so that children can be in an atmosphere of learning, not chaos. Accountability of the teacher, the student, and the parent. Our schools used to be great ... what happened?—Maxine Kreider via Facebook

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