Time For Policy Instead of Politics

Dec 1, 2012

Some pundits and politicians in Washington are already speculating about the elections of 2014 and 2016! In case they haven’t noticed, there is important work to do on behalf of the American people right now.

Government spending remains on an unsustainable trajectory, entitlement programs are headed for bankruptcy, and uncertainty among employers and taxpayers is steadily rising because of Congress’ failure to address spending cuts and tax rates scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2013.

Twenty-three million Americans are unemployed, underemployed, or too discouraged to look for jobs. High gas prices continue to take a big chunk out of middle class family budgets. Many young Americans entering the workforce don’t have employable skills because their schools have failed them. Small businesses are choking on regulations and are frozen in fear of even more coming down the pike.

Americans want Washington to fix the economy. Immediately, lawmakers must prevent the biggest tax increase in history and devastating, indiscriminate spending cuts that will hurt some of our most important industries. While doing that, they must create a framework for comprehensive tax and entitlement reform that will rein in the debt and put our economy on a long-term, sustainable path to growth.

A critical component in the framework for long-term growth is the approval and facilitation of a massive increase in the production of American energy. By tapping our vast energy resources, we can create millions of jobs, boost national security, bring more manufacturing back to the United States, and generate huge revenues for government without raising taxes.

As we close out this year and look forward to 2013, let’s remember that there isn’t a single problem facing our country that Americans can’t solve. Government can help or continue to stand in the way. Let’s tell all our leaders in Washington that it’s about time that they seriously started to help. The next elections can wait.

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