Speak Out! Quick Poll Results

Jan 31, 2013

Below are the results of surveys posted on our website. Take our weekly surveys at FreeEnterprise.com or on our Facebook page at facebook.com/AmericanFreeEnterprise.

Was 2012 a better year for your business than 2011?

Yes 24.2%
No, it was worse 49.3
It was about the same 26.5


How did your holiday spending in 2012 compare to the previous year?

Spent more in 2012 14.4%
Spent less 66.7
Spent about the same 18.9


What is your prediction for the economy in 2013?

It will grow faster than it did in 2012 12.0%
It will grow slower 15.7
It will chug along at the current pace 21.9
We’re headed for another recession 50.4


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