Speak Out! February Quick Poll Results

Mar 1, 2013

Below are the results of surveys published on our website and Facebook page. Take our weekly surveys at FreeEnterprise.com or at facebook.com/AmericanFreeEnterprise

Should Congress take up immigration reform this year?

Yes, we need comprehensive  reform  58.9%
Yes, but we need to reform only certain parts of our immigration system 18.5
No 22.0
Don’t know/no opinion 0.6


Were you satisfied with how the fiscal cliff crisis was resolved at the beginning of the year?

No, spending cuts should have been included in the deal 90.1%
No, it doesn’t raise enough revenue 5.7
Yes, it was a reasonable compromise 4.2


What should Congress do about the debt ceiling?

It should not raise the debt ceiling limit without implementing offsetting spending cuts, even if it means a government default 82.8%
It should raise the borrowing limit no matter what because a default could have a devastating effect on the nation’s credit rating and global markets  17.2



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