If You Care About Jobs, Fix Our Broken Tax System Now!

Apr 13, 2012

There’s more to be afraid of than today being Friday the Thirteenth or that Tax Day hits us next week. Real fear should be aimed at a tax code that hurts job creation, stymies economic growth, and makes us less globally competitive … and is poised to get much worse.

On Monday, as part of the U.S. Chamber’s Jobs and Growth Agenda, an ad will run in the Wall Street Journal listing what our leaders must do to get it right on taxes:

  • Renew all expiring tax rates and incentives right away.
    This would immediately infuse our weak recovery with a big boost in confidence and certainty.
  • Stop threatening small businesses with higher taxes.
    Letting the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts expire would punish America’s most successful entrepreneurs and kill jobs.
  • Make our companies and workers more globally competitive.
    We need a globally competitive tax code to bring capital, investment, and jobs back to the USA.
  • Pass comprehensive, pro-growth tax reform.
    Taxpayers deserve a system that is simple and clear, one that spurs growth, encourages investment and innovation.
  • Unite us. Don’t divide us.
    We cannot lift one group of Americans up by dragging another group down.

Check out the world premiere of a video about the consequences of inaction on comprehensive tax reform: Beware the Tax Blob!

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