Driving the Day: 1/5/2012

Jan 5, 2012

Members of Congress React to Obama’s Abuse of Power – The Foundry

After President Obama appointed Richard Cordray to direct the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Wednesday, some Members of Congress responded to what they consider an unconstitutional move. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) stated, “This is an extraordinary and entirely unprecedented power grab by President Obama.” Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said, “By opening this door, the White House is saying it can appoint any person at any time to any position it chooses without the advice and consent of the Senate.” 

Obama Makes Three More Recess Appointments, All NLRB – National Journal

In a move pleasing to labor unions,  President Obama made three recess appointments to fill vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Wednesday afternoon shortly after his controversial recess appointment of Richard Cordray to lead the new financial consumer agency.

Health-Law Opponents Try to Add Plaintiffs to Lawsuit – The Wall Street Journal

After potential issues arose with the initial plaintiff in the lawsuit against President Obama’s health-care law, the small business group leading the effort asked the Supreme Court to add two additional plaintiffs. The original plaintiff Mary Brown asserted that her business planning was jeopardized by the need to fund health insurance starting in 2014. The problem? Her business didn’t make it out of 2011. 

Ind. House Democrats Stall Session Over Labor Bill – Associated Press

Democrats are prepared to “stall work indefinitely” to ensure Indiana does not enact right-to-work legislation, which would bar businesses and private unions from mandating workers pay union fees. If passed, Indiana would be the first state to enact this type of law since 2001. While Democrats call it an attempt to weaken organized labor, right-to-work supporters believe it will help attract new business.  

In other news...

Auto sales’ growth reflects well on economy – Chicago Sun-Times

Obama to unveil summer-jobs initiative – The Hill

Fed Puts Its Reputation on the Line – The Wall Street Journal

13 Out-of-the-Tinderbox Ways to Save the Economy – Foreign Policy

Pipeline backers put Obama on clock – The Washington Times

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