Recognizing Social Game-Changers

May 1, 2012

It’s the story that rarely gets attention.

Day-after-day, businesses across the country are quietly pursuing initiatives that make a big difference in communities and people's lives; the types of initiatves that end up being social game-changers, says Catherine Keller, Director of Communications & Outreach, Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC).

 In an op-ed on the Huffington Post’s Impact Blog, Keller writes:

“Most media outlets don't want to cover the news of companies stepping up in a positive way (but are eager to wag their finger at the bad). BCLC wants to present the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the role of business in society today.”

The good stories are out there. And in honor of Corporate Citizenship Month, Keller is urging readers and the public to show support for good business by nominating a company for the annual Corporate Citizenship Awards.

“Here's the catch with corporate citizens -- many don't do what they do for the recognition. They engage to create positive impacts because few sectors are better suited to do so…. Corporate citizens often don't ask for credit, but credit for a job well done is still deserved.

So what the Business Civic Leadership Center is asking of you this month is to think about a company you know that innovates to solve problems, [one] that helps achieve positive outcomes for humanity, the environment, or society at large. Then, nominate that company for a 2012 Corporate Citizenship Award.”

Read Catherine’s post at the Huffington Post, then find out more about the awards

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