Campaign for Free Enterprise Chairman: Less Regulation, More Innovation

Jun 15, 2011

Stan Anderson has brought more than four decades of experience to his current role here as chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Campaign for Free Enterprise. Anderson's latest efforts to fuel job creation and economic growth by promoting free enterprise manifest themselves recently in a letter to the New York Times rebutting a column by Nobel Prize-winning Paul Krugman, "Against Learned Helplessness," and in a trip to Oregon where he addressed a Chamber of Medford/Jackson County Forum at Rogue Valley Country Club.

Anderson's letter argued that a proposal to create government programs to put the jobless back to work would be a step backward and instead innovation and entrepreneurship would fuel the creation of 20 million jobs over the next decade. In Anderson's address at Rogue Valley Country Club he identified the 169,000 federal regulations as a major obstacle to job creation.

According to the Mail Tribune:

"In 1971, there were 7,000 federal regulations," Anderson said. "Today there are 169,000 federal regulations. The annual cost has been calculated at $1.7 trillion, that's a heck of a drag on the economy."

The annual cost is equivalent to $10,000 per employee for small businesses. Yet, virtually every federal agency is creating new regulations. Present EPA regulations impact 15,000 companies, he said. "The proposed ones would apply to 6 million companies."

Government avoids major "front-end" overhauls, preferring to "work with little issues," Anderson said. Foreign trade agreements are not enforced, infrastructure is crumbling and energy projects are continually set aside.

Read more from the Mail Tribune.

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