Articles by Tom Collamore

Winning America’s – and the World’s – Trust

The 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer, a survey of 33,000 people in 27 nations, shows the largest ever gap between trust in business and government since the first study in 2001.


Judiciary Hearing Highlights Need for Action Against Rogue Sites

Today there was a really important hearing on Capitol Hill regarding the issue of rogue websites. As the testimony before the House Judiciary Committee shows, rogue websites have absolutely no place in the legitimate market: they do not follow laws, they do not pay taxes, they do not adhere to s


Numbers of Convenience

In a recent op-ed appearing in the Los Angeles Times, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson rejects the notion that her agency’s Clean Air Act regulations have a negative impact on jobs. In fact, Jackson claims just the opposite, saying that proposed EPA regulations requiring older utilities to be retrof


Building a Strong Economic Foundation Through Infrastructure

Keeping up the drumbeat on the Chamber’s six-point plan to help grow the economy and create jobs – without increasing the deficit – the Chamber’s President and CEO Tom Donohue took to the Sunday shows this morning, appearing on ABC News’ This Week with one simple message: We can create jobs throug


Working Through the Weekend

The Chamber’s President and CEO Tom Donohue will appear on  ABC News’ This Week with one simple message: We can create jobs immediately.  Contrary to the conventional wisdom that Washington is “broken” or that “nothing will get done before Election Day,” Tom and the Chamber understand that there a


Removed From Reality

Bizzare and mystifying. Those are the two words that come to mind when one hears comments Sen. Harry Reid made today about our nation’s jobs crisis. Speaking on the Senate floor in support of a $35 billion bill that would fund public sector jobs, Reid said, “It's very clear that private-sector jo

In Remembrance of Steve Jobs

In the passing of Steve Jobs, the business community has lost one of its brightest shining lights, consumers have lost a creative genius, the nation has lost a powerful job creator, and the world has lost one of its greatest inventors and innovators. Steve Jobs has joined an elite pantheon of men


Chamber Joins Facebook to Boost Small Business

by Tom Collamore We're excited to announce that today the Chamber is teaming up with Facebook and the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) to help small businesses connect with customers and create jobs.   This joint effort is designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs leverage t


U.S. Chamber Welcomes Sen. Collins’ Proposed Regulatory Time-Out Bill

The U.S. Chamber welcomes Senator Susan Collins’ proposed legislation requiring a regulatory “time-out.” American businesses have been overwhelmed by the recent onslaught of burdensome and job-killing regulations. With another 4,257 regulations in the pipeline, American businesses need immediate r

Driving a Jobs Agenda at the State Level

One thing has become clear as the nation tries to spur growth and create jobs: solutions are coming from the states, not Washington, and an engaged business community in many states is the driving force behind those solutions. One organization making a difference is the Business Council of New Yo