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The SAVE Act: Creating Jobs and Saving Energy (Without Major Federal Spending)

Let’s face it, this Congress has not agreed on much when it comes to energy policy.  The Chamber, like many other groups around town, has been searching for relatively simple, straightforward, cost-effective policies that might be able to generate enough support from both sides of the aisle to mak


The President Makes the Right Call on Ozone

It’s no secret that the Chamber hasn’t been thrilled with this Administration’s environmental agenda.  However, we loudly applauded  President Obama today for his decision to send EPA’s voluntary reconsideration of the 2008 Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards back to EPA with instructions


Help the Cement Industry from Being Regulated Out of Business

Here at the Chamber, job creation is our number one priority.  We even have a banner that reads “JOBS” hanging on the front of our headquarters.  We’re obviously concerned, then, when an EPA rule threatens to shut down nearly 20 percent of the nation’s cement manufacturing plants.  And we’re glad


A Shared Commitment to Increasing America’s Energy Efficiency

from EnergyXXI

by Matt Letourneau and Ross Eisenberg It is always notable when a senior Obama Administration official comes across Lafayette Park to speak at the Chamber—especially if that official is the President’s top environmental policy advisor. The presence of Nancy Sutley, Chair of the White House Counci


Less Noise, More Action on Energy and Climate Issues

There’s enough noise rattling around in the energy and climate debate that it sometimes sounds like an off-pitch band marching past your office window (not that the Chamber knows anything about this).  All of this become a distraction from the actual work being done in Washington to address energy


Good Business and Green Business: A Blurring Line

Going green often connotes an altruistic goal with implied sacrifice. But, in fact, going green is an opportunity. An opportunity to create new American industries and jobs, to strengthen our economy, and to enhance our global competitiveness. And that opportunity is not lost on business. Newswee


Green Taping the Capitol

As Roll Call reported this morning, on Friday it was announced that from now on only natural gas will be used for heating U.S. Capitol buildings and water. Stephen Ayers, the acting Architect of the Capitol, said in a letter to Democratic leaders that coal will only be burned going forward for back


Stimulus Jobs Meet Green Tape

One more to add to the Project No Project list, presenting the un-stimulus in action: Baard Energy CEO John Baardson announced today that company directors have decided they will no longer pursue an application with the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Loan Guarantee Program for the Ohio River Cl


Are Environmental Groups Eating Their Own?

There's a saying in business (and perhaps in life): Never, ever leave money on the table. However, it appears as if environmental groups have done exactly that. Environmental groups are widely declaring victory over the removal of a provision from the stimulus bill that authorizes $50 billion in


Shovel This: Senate Acknowledges NEPA is a Problem for Infrastructure

Note: This is an update to our earlier post on NEPA and the stimulus. If your business has gone through the environmental permitting and review process for any of its projects or operations, you know it takes time…a lot of time.  Permits can tack on years, or even decades, to the delivery time of