Articles by Rob Engstrom


The Real Story of the U.S. Chamber’s 2012 Political Efforts

One of the objectives of 2012 was to protect the 2010 gains made in the House, and the U.S. Chamber achieved that goal.


Consequential Elections

Quite simply, this year’s elections are the most consequential in recent history. Rather than addressing the myriad problems facing the economy, some candidates are resorting to class warfare rhetoric in a bid to win public office.


Facts Surrounding Health Care Law

Millions could lose their health care and parts of Obamacare are unconstitutional.


Economic Rescue – Real World Stories

We asked the Friends of the U.S. Chamber for their feedback on the current economic situation, below are some of their stories.  Take your story straight to your member of Congress today.  Time is of the essence. "We are probably more than likely going to loose our home and our business of which we


Building Union Power on the Backs of Workers

by Rob Engstrom Desperate to find new members and collect new union dues, labor unions have hatched a scheme known as "Card Check". Unions want to take away workers' ability to choose whether to join a union through secret ballot elections - where workers can decide confidentially and in private. I