Articles by Mark D’Alessio


These 2 Organizations are Helping to Shrink the Skills Gap

The 21st century workplace requires workers who have advanced skills and can adapt to change. We need to upgrade America’s skill set to remain competitive in a global economy.


More Countries Pass U.S. by in Education Rankings

U.S. students slipped from 11th to 21st in reading, 20th to 24th in science, and 25th to 31st in math.


Administration Regulations Will Hurt Low-Income Students Most

The Department of Education needs to rethink proposed gainful employment rules for higher education institutions.


Tennessee and DC Make Big Gains on Nation’s Report Card

Education reforms like the Common Core State Standards have shown significant impacts on math and reading scores.


Kazakhstan is Outperforming Much of the U.S. in One Important Area

Thirty-six states scored higher than the international average in math.


What the U.S. Education System Can Learn from Shanghai

Part of the success is the insistence on the highest standards by school leadership and constant professional development for teachers.


OECD Report Ranks U.S. Skills Near the Bottom

Are we going to change the way we educate and train our workforce, or are we going to continue to see our competitor outperform us?

Why Your 25-Year-Old May Never Move Out

The modern economy has negatively impacted young people in the U.S. It's time to upgrade the education and workforce training systems to keep up.


$77 Trillion Jolt to the Economy Depends on Education

Raising student test scores in the U.S. up to the level in Canada could increase growth by $77 trillion over the next 80 years.


Tennessee Ups the Ante on Teacher Effectiveness

Tennessee may not renew a teacher's licenses if they aren't showing improvements in student achievement.