Articles by James Wakefield

The Importance of Cultivating the Talents of Women in Business

According to a recent report from the Kauffman Foundation, women hold the key to growing our tired economy. Today, women comprise 46% of the workforce and 50% of all college students. When it comes to business development, however, they only account for 35% of new startup business owners. Concurrent

New York's Innovation Island

In thirty years, New York will have its very own island of STEM students in the middle of the East River. Cornell University is currently working hard to build a $2 billion dollar science and engineering campus that can house up to 2,500 students and 280 faculty and staff members on Roosevelt Island

New Proposal Seeks to Revise Immigration Law, Boost Innovation

House Judiciary Committee members are in the process of devising a new proposal to offer immigrants with advanced degrees in math and science the opportunity to maintain permanent residence and work freely in the United States. The Bringing and Retaining Accomplished Innovators for the Nation Act (B

Congress Avoids Government Shutdown

Again, political leaders in Washington narrowly avoided a government shut down. This past Thursday, Congress passed a one trillion dollar spending agreement for 2012’s federal agencies. The agreed-upon legislation contains funding allocations for the Pentagon, Education Department and the Environmen

Clara Shih's Entrepreneurial Journey

It is amazing just how accomplished young entrepreneurs can be at only 29 years old. Clara Shih is not only the CEO and founder of the online social networking company called Hearsay Social, but she is also the newest member of Starbucks's board of directors. Business Insider recently sat down with

Four Questions Small Businesses Should Ask Themselves to Improve Sales

Especially in this economy, the biggest difficultly for small businesses is selling. Most consumers are tightening their budgets and saving for the future in the face of economic uncertainty. Consequently, small businesses are struggling, and without meaningful sales, they are less likely to make ne

Majority of Americans Say Big Government Is the Largest Threat to the Country

According to a recent Gallup poll, 64% of Americans believe big government is the largest threat to the country – only 1% below the national record high. Gallup's previous survey data, dating all the way back to 1965, has consistently indicated that Americans are more concerned about big government

Recession Forces Small Businesses to Adapt

Small businesses have a lot to overcome in today’s economy, but thankfully as a consequence of the recession, small business have adapted, re-strategized and now have lower-risk loan profiles. Borrowing figures are impressively up, perhaps as a result of small businesses implementing new technologic

Making It Easier for Social Entrepreneurs to Build a Better World

Entrepreneurs have created innovations throughout the years that have not only made life easier and more efficient, but that have genuinely increased the quality of life for people all around the globe. This commitment to social responsibility has gone a long way to solve some of the world’s most di

Entrepreneurship Programs Popular with MBA Students

Many entrepreneurs have impressive business aspirations that cannot be realized without some essential training in business foundations. The skills that can be acquired through marketing, advertising and finance courses are priceless assets to an individual looking to start a new company. While high