Articles by Diego Bonomo


U.S. Treasury Says ‘Cheers’ to Brazilian Cachaça

Raise a glass....after a year of consideration, the U.S. officially recognized Cachaça as a distinctive product of Brazil.


U.S.-Brazil Energy Partnership Offers Great Potential

A new report examines the state of the partnership and offers recommendations to take advantage of the benefits it could bring.


Strengthening Our Ties to São Paulo

On June 22, the Brazil-U.S. Business Council and the Wilson Center’s Brazil Institute will host Governor Geraldo Alckmin of the State of São Paulo. Governor Alckmin’s visit to DC and address at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is yet another sign of the importance of the bilateral relationship between our two countries.


A Toast to the Cachaça-Whiskey Agreement

This will help overcome one major barrier helping position Bourbon Whiskey and Tennessee Whiskey in the growing Brazilian market.