Articles by Dan Orlando

Contributing Writer, SJR Group

#90SecondsWith: Sir Richard Branson (UPDATE)

Sir Richard Branson, now the founder of the Virgin Group empire, talks to #90SecondsWith about an initiative he's spearheading that gives aspiring entrepreneurs their own shot at success.


The Path Less Traveled: Capitalizing on Niche Markets to Build a Business

Though Sweet Note Bagels and Alchemy Creamery certainly don’t ward off a traditional client base, each is aimed at a growing niche of consumers—something both Goldman and MacDonald believe plays to their strengths as entrepreneurs.

Ephesus Wants to Turn the Sporting World Bright Green

Developed more than a half-century ago, LEDs—or light emitting diodes— have become an increasingly ubiquitous lighting source over the past few years. A byproduct of semiconductor technology, LEDs are significantly more efficient and have a far greater lifespan than their incandescent counterparts.

Bright Lights On the Bayou: How Louisiana’s Film Industry Got a Leading Role

Why are so many more movies being filmed in Louisiana? Its success luring filmmakers can be traced in large part to state funded tax incentives enacted by the Louisiana Department of Economic Development (LED) and its Office of Entertainment Industry Development Division (OEID).

Silicon Prairie: Startup Homes on the Range

Enriched by Google Fiber, an Internet connection that’s as much as 100 times faster than the speed most Americans experience online, the Kansas City Startup Village is home to numerous budding ventures.


Marketing to Millennials: How iSign Can Help You Reach a Broad Group of Individuals

“We live in a culture that is defined by not having a ‘normal’ niche and, because of this, targeted marketing is becoming increasingly difficult —especially in regard to my generation,” says Sean Cooley, a Tallahassee-based Millennial.

From Wind Sprints to Windfalls: Organized Running Means Business

With entrance fees ranging anywhere from $35 to $145, race events have transformed what was once a primarily solo activity into a lucrative production that has netted event organizers such as Red Frog Events and The Color Run a combined $250 million .


Today’s Business Pairs NFL Caliber Passion with Digital Expertise

While the climb towards profitability began with a steady flow of local and modest-sized clients, Ottaiano’s experience in the world of professional athletics helped secure the company’s first landmark account.


How the NFL Tackles Counterfeiting: Q&A with Anastasia Danias

"Counterfeiting is a crime, and it’s a very profitable and low-risk crime. I’m not sure that law enforcement is going to arrest their way out of counterfeiting. But we can make it more expensive and less enticing. We do that by educating consumers that it’s not without consequences to purchase counterfeited goods."


This Entrepreneur Will Overhaul Your Resume

Hagan Blount will craft your experience and qualifications into a vibrant and unique infographic for anywhere between $500 and $2,000.