U.S. Chamber Releases Internet Security Guide

Oct 26, 2010

To arm small business owners against ever-growing cyber threats, the U.S. Chamber has released its Internet Security Essentials for Business, a guide to help businesses secure valuable proprietary property, digital devices, and networks and make hacking increasingly expensive for individuals and criminal organizations.

“Businesses have an array of sensitive information—personnel records, blueprints, tax forms, customer orders, and much more—that require protection,” says Ann Beauchesne, the Chamber’s vice president of National Security and Emergency Preparedness. “The guide discusses common threats to business information and computers, such as hacking and malware.”

Released at the Chamber’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month meeting on October 26, the guide outlines a dozen recommendations for small businesses and emphasizes the following points:

  • All businesses should understand common online risks that may lead them to become victims of cybercrime.
  • 100% online security is unattainable, even for large corporations. But there are inexpensive practices that can be implemented to improve the security of business information, computers, and networks.
  • Businesses need to know how and to whom to report cyber incidents and online crime. The guide identifies organizations, such as OnGuard Online and the Internet Crime Complaint Center.
  • Cybersecurity is a team sport. The interconnectedness of computers and networks means that both the public and private sectors share the responsibility for cybersecurity.

“With this guide, the Chamber wants to help businesses understand the value of investing in information security now, rather than paying a heavy price later,” says Beauchesne. “Businesses can invest in simple solutions that pay high returns. Straightforward improvements to information security practices will ultimately make the price of success much more expensive for the bad guys.”

Internet Security Essentials for Business is sponsored by Visa, Microsoft, and Southern Company. Copies of the guide and additional education materials are available at www.uschamber.com/cybersecurity.

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