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Sep 1, 2010

1 Do you intend to vote in the November midterm elections?
Yes   99.5%
No   0.2%
Maybe   0.3%

2 What issue will be the biggest factor in determining how you vote?
Government spending    47.1%
Unemployment rate/overall health of the economy   39.7%
Energy and the environment   3.5%
National security   2.2%
Social issues   2.9%
Other    4.6%

3 Besides voting on Election Day, do you plan to become involved in this year’s elections (e.g., volunteering for or donating to a campaign)
Yes   59.6%
No   15.6%
Maybe   24.8%

4 Are you interested in educating your employees about pro-business candidates?
Yes    46.4%
No   53.6%

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