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The $48 Million Fax

Dec 3, 2013

This holiday season, is wrapping up the year in red tape. The federal government—Anti Claus—imposes $1.8 trillion in regulatory costs each year, making businesses yearn for a lump of coal instead.

VIDEO: Where Can We Build Anything in the United States?

Dec 3, 2013

An avalanche of environmental regulations has made it increasingly difficult to build and develop in the United States. Rules to protect air quality and critical habitat areas; restrictions on energy production, mining, grazing, and forestry on federal lands; and an expansion of the Clean Water Act that will impose new permitting requirements and restrictions on virtually all U.S. lands and watersheds have conspired against development, growth, job creation, and prosperity.

America Should Demand That Washington Answer the Labor Market’s Story

Nov 27, 2013

The Labor Department’s weekly unemployment insurance (UI) claims figure probably seems arcane and more than a little boring to most Americans, probably to most businesspeople, and even to most economists.   However, for those following the state of the economy the UI data are usually among the most reliable real-time indicators available. The remarkable UI data released today are a strong indicator of something, but what, exactly?