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Companies call for U.S. Leadership on Infrastructure to Create Jobs in America

Apr 13, 2011

Yesterday another weapon was added to the arsenal of those fighting for improving the performance of U.S. infrastructure and preparing for the economy of the future.  A new paper from the Organization for International Investment (OFII) “highlights the important role modernized, world-class infrastructure plays in attracting global companies to the United States.”  It also makes clear that now is not the time for Americans to assume that the U.S.

The Chamber Welcomes the Ox

Apr 12, 2011

From health care to small business to veterans’ issues, voices from all across the Chamber filled the airwaves of Minnesota this morning thanks to longtime Chamber ally Dan “the Ox” Ochsner.  The radio host from KNSI 1450-AM in St. Cloud, MN traveled to Washington with a contingent from the St. Cloud Chamber and broadcast his radio show live this morning from the Chamber’s Communications Operations Center.

A Path to Clean Energy Jobs

Apr 12, 2011

Ahead of tomorrow’s House Science Committee hearing on “Green Jobs and Red Tape: Assessing Federal Efforts to Encourage Employment,” the Chamber’s Bill Kovacs provides a video preview of his testimony.  Bill will point to the Energy Savings Performance Contracts program and the Chamber’s recent “Project-No-Project” study to demonstrate how Congress can create tens of thousands of clean energy jobs without the use of any federal funds.