Apps For Entrepreneurs: A Challenge to Connect Entrepreneurs With Resources

Nov 16, 2011

Entrepreneurs are one of America’s greatest economic assets. Unfortunately, the process of starting a business is difficult and confusing. Although extensive federal resources and programs exist to guide entrepreneurs, finding and navigating these resources is part of the challenge. U.S. General Services Administration is looking to make it easier—with your help. Apps for Entrepreneurs is offering programmers the opportunity to enter into a competition to build a mobile or web app that will solve this resource problem. The prize for the winning submission is $20,000, but the real reward will be giving entrepreneurs the ability to put our economy back ontrack. Watch the video below to learn more:

Here is some more information from

For most entrepreneurs and small businesses, the Federal government has useful programs and services, but it can be hard to identify, engage and navigate Federal websites.  Often, small businesses do not know that the Federal government already offers a program that they would find useful.  Entrepreneurs and small businesses need better tools to navigate the Federal government’s vast resources – including programs, services, and procurement opportunities.  The goal of the Apps for Entrepreneurs is to give small businesses and entrepreneurs those better tools through this challenge format.

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