A Compromise on The Tax Question

Dec 8, 2010

This week, the hot topic on Capitol Hill is taxes. With a bipartisan deal announced early this week to extend the tax breaks that were set to expire at the end of this year, the tone of the conversation is looking up.

The progress made this week on taxes is one of the best steps our administration can take to eliminate the uncertainty that is preventing American businesses from growing. Although a permanent extension all of the current tax rates would really be the way eliminate uncertainty, it's positive and encouraging that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle worked together to provide a bipartisan path to prevent one of the largest tax increases in American history. But an extension of the current tax rates and other credits will help bolster investor, business, and consumer confidence all at once and help our country get out of this economic slump.

Hopefully Congress will continue to work together and act swiftly to get this deal passed and restore some certainty to this economy.

Click here for more detailed information on this compromise.

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