Mitch Daniels Backs Keystone XL

Oct 27, 2011

Governor Mitch DanielsFor months, it's been thought that the State Department would make a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline project by the end of the year. Now, there are reports that a decision may be delayed until next year.

As the administration continues to ponder, another political leader came out in favor of the pipeline. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels told a Chamber event in Indianapolis that Keystone XL is "product of ingenuity" and should move forward.

Daniels went on to call opponents of the pipeline, "folks who want to see fossil fuels really, really expensive. They apparently believe that if it (high gas prices and lack of jobs) impoverishes the country, then so be it."

Along with Daniels, the USA Today editorial board came out in support of the pipeline project. They note:

For all the need to wean the United States from its dependence on imported fossil fuels, it's important to be realistic about meeting the nation's energy needs in the meantime. Saying no to the Keystone pipeline is an empty gesture that would undermine U.S. energy security.

USA Today, joins the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal as nationwide newspapers that have endorsed Keystone XL.

Besides simply opposing anything that allows more domestic fossil fuel production, opponents of Keystone XL are claiming oil leaks from the pipe will contaminate local water supplies. Reason magazine's science writer, Ronald Bailey looks into it and finds it wanting:

But what amounts to scaremongering that a leak in the Keystone XL pipeline would “end safe drinking water” in Nebraska and “contaminate the entire” Ogallala aquifer sadly traduces science in an attempt to pursue environmentalist politics by other means.

A timely, thorough review by the State Department can be accomplished. The end result should be allowing Keystone XL to move ahead to create jobs, improve America's energy infrastructure, and improve our country's energy security.

[Picture via the U.S. Navy.]

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