BTW…Your Minutes Are Almost Up

Oct 19, 2011


Right now, everyone is trying to save a little here and a little there to make ends meet, and no one wants to be hit with added fees.  It’s good to see the leadership shown by the CTIA—The Wireless Association when it announced this week to commit itself and its member wireless providers to send free alerts when consumers near their monthly limits on voice, data, and messaging, and when they roam internationally, to help consumers avoid unexpected overage charges.

By October 17, 2012, participating carriers will provide customers with at least two out of the four notifications, and all four of the notifications by April 17, 2013.  The new “Wireless Consumer Usage Notification Guidelines” are another step that the innovative and competitive wireless industry has taken to advance consumer interests.  Steve Largent, president & CEO of CTIA captured it well when he said that the “initiative is a perfect example of how government agencies and industries they regulate can work together under President Obama’s recent executive order directing federal agencies to consider whether new rules are necessary or would unnecessarily burden businesses and the economy.”

These actions demonstrate that positive outcomes can be reached when the public and private sectors work together to benefit the consumer.  These innovative solutions are often better than regulation.  As Largent said in prepared remarks, the announcement “shows that there is a different way to get things done in [Washington].” The wireless industry’s commitment to work with its government partners to provide the consumer top-rate service with meaningful protections is a public-private model we can all learn from.

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