Driving the Day 9/21/2011

Sep 21, 2011
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce sued the National Labor Relations Board to block a rule that will require businesses to post notices about employees’ rights to unionize. “This is nothing more than labor regulation run amok,” the Chamber’s Robin Conrad said, “The board’s new rule violates the First Amendment by forcing employers to use their own resources to post the NLRB’s pro-union message on the company’s own property.”
  • Politico reports that Republicans are now targeting the NLRB budget in the Senate, hoping to win over two Democrats—who hold a narrow 16-14 majority in the Appropriations Committee—and attach a rider barring the agency from pursuing any order threatening Boeing’s new non-union 737 production line in South Carolina. As drafted by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), the amendment is clearly aimed at the Boeing case but written in such a generic fashion that it would impact the NLRB’s powers in other instances when employers are shown to have moved work from one facility to another to retaliate against workers for lawful union activities.
  • Although only a quarter of the rules have been written, much less approved, the near 400 rule Dodd-Frank bill has become a new campaign trail talking point for Republican presidential candidates, the New York Times reports. While not as catchy as “Obamacare,” the law’s 848-page length has made it a convenient symbol of government overreach that is killing jobs. The paper contends that unless Republicans capture the presidency and are able to achieve the 60-vote margin in the Senate, it is unlikely that Dodd-Frank will ever be repealed in full.

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