Why Does the Obama Administration Want to Know Your Political Beliefs Before They Give You a Job?

May 19, 2011

Dana Perino, a former White House press secretary, had a great op-ed on FoxNews.com today on the Obama administration’s draft Executive Order that would require businesses to disclose their political spending as part of their bids for a federal government contract. She asks a very good question – why does the Obama administration want to know your political beliefs before they give you a job?

Below are excerpts from her column:

Say you work hard and take a risk to start a business providing a good or service. The business is going fairly well and you decide to apply to get a federal government contract, because you can provide the result on time and on budget.

You’re totally qualified and the best person for the job. But, there’s a catch: In the past two years, you’ve given money to an organization that the current administration doesn’t like. You’re never told why, but you don’t get the contract.

Here’s what’s happening: The administration is planning to have President Obama sign what’s called an executive order, which is a policy tool that’s used when you don’t need – or don’t want to ask for – congressional approval.

Presidents have done this for decades, but rarely is an administration so brazen as to use it for purely political reasons. In this case, people will undoubtedly be discouraged from donating to a cause or political organization that they care about if it isn't in line with the current administration, because getting the contract is much more important to their livelihoods.

Even beyond the contracting and procurement processes, disclosure of this sort could lead to targeted retaliation and harassment. Contracts should be awarded on whether the company or individual is qualified, and if they can deliver -- it shouldn’t matter what organization anyone supports – period.

The administration is about to put its heavy thumb on the scale that determines who gets federal contracts – and who doesn’t – based on organizations the applicant and the company’s officers have given money to in the past, even in their personal capacity.

Folks, it's time to pay attention before hardworking people are forced to choose between causes they believe in, and putting dinner on the table.

Read the full piece here, and don't miss Dana Perino at America's Small Business Summit

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