If We Can't Move It, Ohio Won't Make It

Apr 14, 2011

Today, a coalition from both ends of the political spectrum joined together in Ohio to highlight a new study about the cost of congestion and aging roads in the Buckeye State.

Both business and labor stood together to release the report entitled, “Future Mobility in Ohio: Meeting the State’s Need for Safe and Efficient Mobility.”  It finds deficient roadways are costing Ohio’s average motorist $835 a year and costing the state’s highway users $6.5 billion annually.

These numbers underscore how businesses in Ohio need up-to-date transportation systems in order to be successful.  Improving roads, maintaining bridges, and expanding transit options will save the state’s employers billions and help create thousands of new jobs.

This morning in Columbus and later in Cincinnati, our coalition urged Ohioans to contact their local member of Congress to ask them to make infrastructure investment a priority by passing a new six-year surface transportation bill.  The multi-year bill is needed so state transportation officials can make long-term plans for major highway and bridge improvement projects.

The coalition will also lead a campaign that will include billboard ads in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Toledo.  For more information about the state of the nation’s highways and transit systems, or about the campaign for a new surface transportation bill, please visit www.moveOhiogoods.org.

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