After all that....

Feb 1, 2011

The not-so-big news for the Purple People over at the SEIU this week was, according to BNA, that "Workers in 39 of 44 bargaining units at 15 hospitals and long-term care facilities in Ohio operated by Catholic Healthcare Partners  (representing some 7,000 employees in all) voted against union representation." This would be bad enough news for the self-described fastest-growing union in the US but, it comes after a long and ugly history, including a protracted fight with another union, some apparent fisticuffs -- always nice in any disagreement - and an election process run largely outside the NLRB. The idea was a quick election with little or no electioneering by labor or management.  SEIU's theory seemed to be that workers are so eager to join the ranks or organized labor that if employers could be kept out of the process, the union was guaranteed a win.

So with much fanfare, the SEIU promoted its alternative election scheme, to which the employer agreed, thus obviating the need for the union to gather authorization cards from 30% of the employees. Of course. Who cares what the employees think? There's an election to be had!

After all that, after the 3+-year fight with the rival union, after the fistfights, after bending the rules to make sure they could win, the SEIU ended up losing almost every election. It just goes to show once again that for all the rhetoric and hyperbole about the biased rules and the unfair process and the mean employers and the rest of the nonsense that usually accompanies these elections, that when the SEIU and their brethren design rules to their liking, workers still choose not to join.  Note to SEIU, it's not the process that's flawed, it's the product you are selling.

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