Becker Nomination Redux

Jan 27, 2011

Yesterday, chapter two opened in the fight over controversial ex-SEIU lawyer Craig Becker’s nomination to the powerful National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The agency officiates union organizing efforts and investigates unfair labor practice charges for most private sector workers. Becker’s name was among those submitted to the U.S. Senate, and if confirmed he stands to serve on the NLRB until December 2014. Becker’s nomination failed in a bipartisan Senate vote last year, but he was ultimately recess appointed to the agency.
Due to his out-of-the-mainstream views, the business community took the rare step of opposing Becker’s nomination last year, and denounced his recess appointment. It did so with good reason. Since Becker joined the NLRB, the Board has initiated procedures to implement cyber-card check, overturn the 2007 Dana-Metaldyne ruling giving employees a vote to overturn a card check drive, and is currently exploring whether to let "mini-unions" of employees with common job classification organize. That case, Specialty Healthcare, could dwarf the impact of the now-grounded card check union organizing bill.
This nomination appears to be more payback for organized labor. Fortunately, confirmation is unlikely--as noted, Becker could not win confirmation even in the 111th Congress. It’s clearly time to consider a more balanced and mainstream nominee.

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