Grabbing at Straws Is Full-time Work

Oct 13, 2010

by Tom Collamore

Having been roundly repudiated in the mainstream media over their allegation that the U.S. Chamber is using money from American Chambers of Commerce abroad (AmChams) to fund political ads, John Podesta and his folks at ThinkProgress have shifted to a new target in their increasingly pitiful attempt to silence the voice of business in the upcoming election--our bilateral business councils.

This allegation is equally false and baseless, not to mention tiresome and desperate.

The U.S. Chamber hosts several business councils, whose purpose is to promote bilateral trade and investment between the two countries. They are run as independent organizations and most members of business councils are not also members of the U.S. Chamber.

For those business councils affiliated with us, their monies are considered "restricted funds" and are held for use by those business councils. These councils have been around for decades. They have never engaged in political activity--and they never will.

ThinkProgress is grabbing at straws. We look forward to debunking some of their upcoming "investigations": "U.S. Chamber Using Cash From Space Aliens to Fund Political Advertising" and "U.S. Chamber Producing Counterfeit Currency in its Basement to Pay for Attack Ads."

ThinkProgress, huh? Hurling unfounded allegations for political gain is progress, with a sputtering economy and near 10% unemployment? How about: ThinkRationally? These wild and irresponsible allegations make you wonder who is funding ThinkProgress ... and why.

Now that AP, The New York Times, and have discredited these attacks, we hope to return to a serious discussion about the issue Americans care most about: job creation.

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