"AFSCME is quite possibly the most corrupt organization in the U.S."

Oct 23, 2010

Sometimes it happens in the blog world that the comments you receive are so good that they deserve to be elevated into a  blog post of their own. This is one of those times. We received this comment from a reader in response to our post below titled "And the Biggest Campaign Spender is...," about AFSCME being the #1 big spender in these elections, with a whopping $87 million of their members' money going to what are most likely going to be losing efforts. Their members, of course, have no say in this profligate spending, and can't quit the union even if they want to. Here's a comment from an AFSCME member who clearly has had enough:

As a conservative AFSCME member, as well as the owner of a home-based small business, I get inundated with flyers from AFSCME every election cycle. I always make it a point to call and voice my opinion about their waste of our dues. On the bright side, their flyers do give me a heads up on who not to vote for... not that it would be that difficult to figure out. After all, they shoved Ed Spendell down our throats in Pennsylvania, who then proceeded to spend millions on his pet projects, then proclaim that the state was in the red and it was the fault of public employees. Last I checked, it was Special Ed and his liberal buddies from Philly and Pittsburgh funding their hobbies that nearly bankrupted us, not the public employees.

It would seem that AFSCME leadership isn't smart enough to figure out that if they were to help elect conservative politicians that would balance the budget responsibly, instead of viewing the taxpayers as a bottomless piggy bank to fund their pet projects, that maybe, just maybe, there would be enough money in the budget for their members' salaries, benefits, and retirement funds.

However, over the years, I have become convinced that AFSCME is quite possibly the most corrupt organization in the U.S. Looking at their actions, it would seem that the AFSCME elite exist for nothing more than to perpetuate their own agendas and line their pockets with our cash.

Unfortunately, much like in the private sector, there are just too many AFSCME member sheep that believe in their rhetoric as if it were gospel. 

Sorry if I rambled on, but I could go on for hours about AFSCME's misrepresentation of its membership.


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