Harbert: Let's Not "Dash to Rash" on Energy Policy

Jul 2, 2010

Karen Harbert, president and chief executive officer of the U.S. Chamber's Institute for 21st Century Energy, has a post today in Politico's Arena blog. The subject: the Administration's moratorium on offshore energy development. Karen begins:

The Obama administration’s moratorium on offshore development is a classic example of Washington “dash to rash” decision making. In his ruling, Judge Feldman referred to the moratorium as capricious and arbitrary.

And no wonder: The administration showed no link between the tragic Deepwater Horizon accident and all of the other offshore exploration wells, many of which have passed Interior Department inspection subsequent to the explosion. While we all believe that a renewed focus on safety measures, spill prevention, and advanced technology is necessary, we should not use the Gulf spill to halt American energy production.

Read the rest of her post on Politico.com--and read the other responses in the Arena.

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