U.S. Chamber Joins European and Japanese Business Associations in Calling for a Strong ACTA

Jun 28, 2010

Today, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) joined BUSINESSEUROPE and the International Intellectual Property Protection Forum of Japan in calling for the conclusion of a strong Anti-Counterfeiting and Trade Agreement (ACTA). In a Tri-lateral Statement issued today, European, Japanese and American business voices called for a strong agreement that "results in more effective enforcement of IP rights," while strengthening the global economy, creating jobs and protecting consumers from dangerous products. The Statement coincides with this week’s ACTA negotiations in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Intellectual property theft—in the form of counterfeiting and piracy—is a global problem. This Tri-lateral Statement reflects the unified efforts of businesses of all sizes in the United States, Europe and Japan to protect intellectual property rights and support actions to fight counterfeiting and piracy around the world. The international business community has clearly signaled that a swift conclusion to a strong ACTA is needed, and a focus on both traditional streams of commerce and Internet theft is paramount to any successful agreement.

In part, the statement noted that "ACTA promises to enhance international cooperation among nearly 40 countries by establishing a meaningful and effective framework for the protection of IP rights. Without changing U.S., EU, or Japanese law, the agreement will help ensure that like-minded trading partners address counterfeiting and piracy and its damaging effects on investment, creation, innovation, and jobs." The agreement would do so by "raising the bar on enforcement, improving cooperation among partners, harmonizing how we confront IP theft, addressing IP theft online, and setting a positive example for nations that aspire to have strong IP enforcement regimes."

Click to read this Tri-lateral Statement it in its entirety. (PDF)

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