Driven to Distraction - X the TXT

Apr 28, 2010

When it comes to transportation policy, you usually hear the Chamber talking about the fixed infrastructure in the U.S. – roads, rails, runways – or about smoothing the bumps in supply chains by creating more reliable, dependable transportation networks or minimizing regulatory costs to the truck drivers or airlines that get people and goods to their final destinations.

But today I want to focus on commending and encouraging the efforts by Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, and our friends at Allstate, to “X the TXT” and attack the problem of distracted driving that is sweeping the general public, and especially teenagers.

First, a confession.  I have tried to hold my Blackberry, read, respond, and drive at the same time.  It’s hard to put the device away and simply focus on the road when I’m wondering who needs something from me *right now* or what critical (or not so critical) message I might be missing.  But I also know that those seconds that I’m not focused on driving could be the ones in which my actions kill someone or injure them for life -- and so does the U.S. Chamber.  That’s why this organization banned use of electronic devices when driving.  [A side benefit -- I have to admit a sense of relief knowing that I actually have a sanctuary from the incessant buzzing of the BlackBerry.]

I hope you’ll take a few minutes and visit the "X the TXT" website or Facebook page and sign the Allstate Family Texting Pledge, whether you have kids or not. 

It’s good business sense – and common sense – to stay safe on the road.

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