Aqua-Aerobic Systems on "Buy American"

Jul 31, 2009

AquaAerobic_DebLaVelle We are extremely concerned that the Buy American provision is resulting in project delays, limited competition, increased costs, and reduced quality. Moreover, it poses a potential danger to the international portion of Aqua-Aerobic System’s business. The company has been a leader in the design, application, and manufacturing of wastewater treatment equipment and systems for both municipal and industrial markets worldwide since 1969.

Many of Aqua’s projects are with small to medium-size municipalities that are not willing to accept the requirements and potential risks associated with the Buy American provision. We are also concerned that our international business will be penalized due to these protectionist measures. A loss of sales revenue will affect our financial stability and may result in the loss of jobs.

Deb LaVelle is Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. which employees 160 people in Rockford, Illinois.

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