Nixing Congestion with NextGen

May 6, 2009

Last week I posted on the importance of the Next Gen Air Transportation System (NextGen) to bring the U.S. aviation system up to 21st century standards. Today the Washington Post gives us a picture worth a thousand words -- the aggregate daily flights into and out of the New York metropolitan area's airports -- and some strong words of support for NextGen as well:

Mr. Obama calls high-speed rail "long overdue." So is a modern air traffic control system. A car GPS navigation unit is more advanced than the 1950s-era equipment being used today. The Federal Aviation Administration is putting the pieces in place to make NextGen fully operational. It would allow more planes to get into and out of the air faster, relieving airport congestion and reducing delays. This is especially important for the New York area. A third of all U.S. flights go through the region, and a hiccup at any of its four major airports can affect two-thirds of the nation's air traffic.


With more reliable and efficient technologies in place we can reduce congestion and increase our competitiveness. Read the FAA's NextGen implementation plan and sign up for the National Alliance to Advance NextGen.  The time for tomorrow is today.

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