An IDEA on Green Tech

May 22, 2009

This week, the Chamber joined other business leaders in launching the Innovation, Development & Employment Alliance (IDEA).  IDEA is a coalition committed to championing the role of innovation in driving job creation and developing breakthrough solutions to global challenges. Our goal is to work to bring industry, labor, consumer, and environmental groups together to address these challenges, which include health care, renewable energy, and climate change.

The coalition will work with Congress, the administration, and international stakeholders to safeguard intellectual property (IP) rights that encourage research and development investments, create jobs, spur economic growth, and will lead to technological solutions.

At Wednesday's roundtable at the National Press Club, IDEA representatives from companies of all sizes highlighted steps Congress, the administration, and international institutions must take to protect incentives for innovation. Emphasizing the 18 million jobs in America's IP-intensive industries, participants noted the importance of working with other stakeholders committed to job creation in research-intensive sectors.  This includes the energy, environmental, pharmaceutical, medical device, computers, and information technology industries.

As GIPC President and CEO David Hirschmann noted, "Intellectual property rights incentivize innovation that helps solve global problems and will lead to recession-beating economic growth and job creation.  IDEA's first order of business is to ensure Congress and the administration promote innovation and jobs policies that protect IP-based incentives."
Learn more about IDEA.

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