Core Business Partnerships for Development a Benefit for all

Apr 17, 2009

by Taryn Bird

In the midst of the current financial environment, many organizations and individuals have bunkered down to focus solely on “our issues” -- things that affect them in the immediate future. One has to ask, in these situations how will the emerging economies around the world that depend on ODA (overseas development assistance) and FDI (foreign direct investment) be affected? How will the development agendas of corporations, nonprofits, and aid agencies fair in this global economic situation?  

Searching for new and innovative ways to keep these projects alive is key, and while traditional partnerships (cross-sector) have filled this gap, it is time to also think about how untraditional partnerships can push the agenda.

Today The Wall Street Journal published an article detailing two unlikely companies that have engaged in a partnership that proves to benefit all: Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline. While these two pharma companies compete for market dominance on a daily basis, they have joined forces on the drug creation and dissemination of HIV medications. The companies will combine marketing, patent, and experimental treatment teams to push forward on this venture and keep their HIV medication distribution alive. 

This partnership not only helps GSK to broaden its HIV drug development products and Pfizer to increase its sales force (core competencies that are possessed by the respective partners) but in the end it will affect the lives and health of people around the world who depend on these medications for survival. Everyone wins.

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