The Judd Gregg Record on IP

Feb 3, 2009

Earlier today, President Barack Obama announced the nomination of Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) as commerce secretary.  In light of this announcement, a review of Gregg’s record on intellectual property suggests a significant degree of familiarity and experience with this issue.  More importantly, his record and previous statements demonstrate a keen appreciation of the role creative ownership rights play in incentivizing inventors, entrepreneurs and companies to innovate and create jobs.

Based on his record, Judd Gregg’s perspective is a welcome sign about the quality of advice President Obama will be receiving about protecting inventors’ rights through a strong intellectual property system.  And as a past proponent of improved coordination for government IP enforcement efforts as well as reforming the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, hopefully this new role will allow him to build on that record.  We look forward to learning more about Gregg’s plans to protect and enforce intellectual property rights during the Senate confirmation hearing process.

During his time in Congress, Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) has supported pro-IP policies and legislation.  For example:

Sen. Gregg Has Recognized The Value Of Intellectual Property (IP) And The Impact Of Counterfeiting And Piracy On American Entrepreneurs. Sen. Gregg: “That being said, we also recognize that much of the product of our society in the area of intellectual property, whether it's recordings, software, movies or other activity, is being stolen and pirated by various communities across the country and across the world, and that it is in some cases a very orchestrated theft. And that that's having a huge impact on us, we're talking hundreds of billions of dollars of lost income for American entrepreneurs and inventors as a result of this piracy and theft.” (Committee On Appropriations, Subcommittee On Commerce, Justice, State, The Judiciary And Related Agencies, U.S. Senate, Hearing, 4/29/04)

Sen. Gregg: “As a society, I think we understand that probably one of the primary engines of our economic growth and especially of our trade balances is intellectual property that's produced here in the United States.” (Committee On Appropriations, Subcommittee On Commerce, Justice, State, The Judiciary And Related Agencies, U.S. Senate, Hearing, 4/29/04)

In 2008, Sen. Gregg Served As A Co-Sponsor Of The PRO-IP Act. (S. 3325, Enacted 10/13/08)

In 2004, Sen. Gregg Chaired A Hearing Of An Appropriations Subcommittee To Encourage “A More Coordinated And Aggressive Approach Towards Protecting Intellectual Property.” Sen. Gregg: “So this is a hearing to get hopefully action, to move from not just to make a record but to actually use the capacity of this committee to cut across jurisdictions within the federal government to accomplish something which is hopefully to have a more coordinated and aggressive approach towards protecting intellectual property.” (Committee On Appropriations, Subcommittee On Commerce, Justice, State, The Judiciary And Related Agencies, U.S. Senate, Hearing, 4/29/04)

Sen. Gregg Is The Former Chairman Of The Appropriations Subcommittee On Commerce, Justice, State, The Judiciary And Related Agencies, A Subcommittee With Jurisdiction On IP Issues. “Despite Stevens' comments, New Hampshire Republican Judd Gregg, chairman of the Intellectual Property Appropriations Subcommittee, assured the industry officials that the subcommittee would make the appropriations request.” (Sarah Lai Stirland, “Industry Groups Seek More Global Action To Halt Piracy,” National Journal's Technology Daily,4/29/04)

In 2003, Sen. Gregg Expressed Concerns About The U.S. Patent And Trademark Office, Noting The Need For Streamlining The Processing Of Patent Applications. “Many on Capitol Hill agree the agency needs more funding -- and needs to keep more of what it takes in. But some lawmakers caution that throwing money at the PTO's problems won't solve anything. ‘The PTO has some very serious problems, and I don't think it's all money,’ said Judd Gregg, R-N.H., the chairman of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee in charge of the spending bill for the Commerce, Justice and State departments. The PTO is part of the Commerce Department. … Gregg and others say they are somewhat comforted by the agency's own plan to streamline over the next five years its processing of patent applications and transform the office into an electronic government operation that better uses technology.” (Jennifer A. Dlouhy, “House Lawmakers Seek To Let Patent Office Keep More Of The Fees It Collects,” Congressional Quarterly Daily Monitor, 7/14/03)

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