Transportation Lessons

Jan 28, 2009

Lisa Caruso generated a lot of good commentary at the National Journal with the question "What Can We Learn About Transportation From Beyond Our Borders?" Here were three themes I picked up:

First, we can't afford for Congress to say, "Been there, done that," after the stimulus...

Second, Congress may be looking at these three separate authorizations this year - SAFETEA-LU, WRDA and FAA - along with a host of other transportation measures that could affect the safety, condition, efficiency and cost of transportation - but without some sense of guiding principles regardless of mode or committee of jurisdiction the solutions I don't see how the concept of optimizing investment comes to fruition...

And finally, every single revenue source and financing approach should be on the table to get the jobs done across transportation. Recognize that the private sector does have expertise in project management and in infrastructure operations. Invite them in as a partner...

Here is the rest of my answer.

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