In Case You Missed It - Water, Water Everywhere

Oct 6, 2008

More than two million miles of underground water pipelines exist in the United States. According to the EPA there is a $540 billion gap in the money needed to maintain and renew this aging infrastructure.  In July, David Chavern used the occasion of a U.S. Chamber event Water Infrastructure: Why Congressional Action is Urgently Needed to post:

Did you ever have to spend a lot of money on plumbing for your house?  It is doubly annoying because once you have spent the money, the very best you can hope for is to get the house to just look and function like it did before the problem.  For most people, having clean and readily available water is just one of those background assumptions that we make and hope to never have to think about.

Well, unfortunately, our nation now has some major plumbing problems and the time has come to make some major investments.  The time when we can just assume that clean water will always be available for us when and as we need it is long past.

Long past indeed. Liquid Assets, a new documentary showing on PBS, tells the story of our essential water infrastructure systems: drinking water, wastewater and storm water. These complex and aging systems --some in the ground for more than 100 years-- are critical for basic sanitation, public safety and economic stability. The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission estimates that 25% of D.C.'s current water pipeline infrastructure has reached the end of useful life.

Don't miss this vitally important and compelling program that provides an in-depth understanding of our hidden water infrastructure assets and what must be done to preserve this key infrastructure.

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