The Wal-Mart Diet

Sep 10, 2008

From Odd Numbers:

Despite numerous studies, economists don't have a great explanation for the obesity epidemic. But even though we don't know what exactly is the main driver behind the chunk-ification of America, we may be getting a better sense of what isn't responsible.

I wrote in June about one study which found no link between fast food consumption and obesity. Now, a new study finds no evidence that the proliferation of Wal-Mart stores, many of which are packed with cheap processed foods, has led to weight gains. In fact, the existence of a big box retailer in an area seems to actually decrease weight slightly.

of course haters will hate, with the strong scientific reasoning of "we are right, and if your data says something different, you are a stooge."  With that in mind watch your back Columbia University, they will be coming for you next.

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