U.S. Credibility and Colombia

Apr 9, 2008

Congress should approve the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement, which will deliver significant benefits for American workers and farmers.  At a time of uncertainty for the U.S. economy, politics must stop at the water’s edge.  I would like to express my strong support for the agreement. 

The bipartisan trade promotion authority act established the terms for considering trade agreements.  These terms must be respected. 

We urge the House to reject any measure that could leave the Colombian agreement in legislative limbo.  This agreement deserves a fair vote based solely on its merits.

Now is the time for Congress and the Administration to redouble efforts to find a path forward for its approval, including a deal on trade adjustment assistance.  U.S. credibility in the hemisphere hangs in the balance, and further delay is not an option.

More information on the agreement and the Chamber's efforts can be found here and here.

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