Reflections on a Committee Meeting

Feb 8, 2008

On Wednesday the Senate Environment and Public Works committee held a hearing on a very significant report that details a new vision and several interesting policy and funding proposals for highways and public transportation.  I had the opportunity to testify at the hearing and give the Chamber’s initial reaction to the report.

We don’t endorse all of the recommendations, but I do think it is important that most in the business, construction, labor and transportation communities agree that the Commission was right on in its recommendations for a strong federal government partnership with states and locals; and programs based on solving real problems like traffic congestion and safety, and meeting real needs like maintaining the roads and transit systems we have, connecting rural communities to the global marketplace, and providing resources to speed the movement of goods.

These hearings are just the beginning of the long road to renewing the nation’s commitment to the physical platform of its economy, but the Chamber is committed to being there all the way.

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